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Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Volunteer Cancer Campaigners needed in Bassetlaw

Bassetlaw Health Partnerships (BHP), part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare, is asking people from all walks of life who are willing to remove barriers and raise awareness of cancer among their communities, to volunteer as a cancer campaigner and encourage someone who may be frightened to go to their GP to attend an appointment and discuss their symptoms.


One in three people will be affected by cancer at some point in their lives.  BHP hopes that by passing on knowledge about signs and symptoms and encouraging people to visit their doctor, volunteer cancer campaigners will help individuals to be diagnosed earlier and therefore receive treatment quicker.


Volunteers will be asked to use their life experience, understanding and position of influence to help friends, families and work colleagues to be more aware of cancer. They will help people to access health services and hopefully increase the uptake of preventive measures such as screening programmes.  They will also support positive behaviour change and encourage individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle.


BHP is offering a free training programme which covers a range of topics to do with cancer awareness. Volunteers will be taught to recognise the basic signs and symptoms of cancer, gain healthy lifestyle advice and improve communication skills.


Heather McMillan, MacMillan Cancer Information support Worker in the MacMillan Cancer Information Service, part of Bassetlaw Health Partnerships’ Health Promotion Unit, said: “One in three people will be affected by cancer; early diagnosis is the key for positive long term outcomes.

“In order for this to happen we need people to raise awareness of cancer in their own communities.

“Just a three minute chat with someone frightened to see their GP to discuss their symptoms could make a difference, and who better to do this than a friendly, recognisable face in their own community.”

To be a volunteer, you must be over 18, living in Bassetlaw and interested in cancer awareness with a desire to help your community. For more information please contact Heather McMillan at Heather.Mcmillan@nottshc.nhs.uk or phone 01777 863 282/ 01909 476 563.