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A lady plays on the floor with a little girl. She is holding a teddy bear and there are toys around them Good speaking and listening skills are crucial. Children need them to do well at school and to make friendships. Much later on, good communication skills are vital for their careers, as well as their all-round wellbeing. Explore these pages and discover what we can all do to help our children’s language skills grow and how you can get further help, information and support, if you need it.

Let’s get Nottinghamshire talking together!


About us

Nottinghamshire Language for Life provides advice for everyone in Nottinghamshire, so we can all help our children learn to talk and communicate to the best of their ability. We know that if our children can develop key communication skills at the right time, they will go on to do better at school, make friends and get a good job when they grow up.

This network of support is a partnership between Nottinghamshire Healthcare, Nottinghamshire County, Nottinghamshire Children and Families Partnership and many others, all working together across Nottinghamshire.


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Talking Tuesday challenges

Talking Tuesdays is a monthly challenge. It is designed to give you fun ideas for practising language skills with your little one. Some are seasonal, but lots of them can be done at any time of year.

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