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Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment

The Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment Team (CRHT) is one part of a needs led service within the acute care pathway which provides mental health assessment and treatment.  This multi-disciplinary team is committed to providing an appropriate professional rapid response to individuals experiencing acute mental illness, until their mental health improves and other support systems are in place.

Wherever possible the team will be dedicated towards the prevention of admission.  Where individuals do require inpatient care, they will be supported towards a quick discharge from hospital. CRHT will endeavour to work along side individuals to promote recovery and independence.

Emphasis is placed on community based care, working in partnership with other services to encourage people to fully particiapte in activities in the society in which they live (social inclusion). The team acknowledge and respect the individuals' and carers' rights and needs throughout engagement. We aim to ensure that individuals experiencing acute severe mental health difficulties are treated in the least restrictive environment, preferably within their own home whenever possible.

The team accepts referral from GPs and other mental health professionals working within teams. They also accept self referrals for anyone who has been in receipt of services within the last six months. They will liaise with referrers throughout involvement, regularly updating on the progress of the referred individual. If a referral is not accepted, then wherever possible CRHT will identify a more appropriate service to meet the individual’s needs.

The CRHT services are based at the following locations and can be contacted on 0115 969 1300:

  • Nottingham City and County South - Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham


  • Mansfield and Ashfield (County North) - Millbrook Mental health Unit, Mansfield


  • Newark and Sherwood (County North) - 65 Northgate, Newark


  • Bassetlaw - Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop