Talking Tuesdays

Talking Tuesdays is a monthly challenge. It is designed to give you fun ideas for practising language skills with your little one. Some are seasonal, but lots of them can be done at any time of year. Below you can find all of the Talking Tuesdays challenges from the year so far:





Summer Challenge 2018

The Talking Tuesdays Summer Challenge was a weekly challenge designed to get you talking.


Challenge 1

Make a wand!

You can use ribbon, feathers, buttons and beads, glitter


Challenge 2

Make a den!

You could use: towels, cushions, cardboard boxes, blankets, branches, duvet, chairs, tables. Get creative! Let's get talking: dark, soft, hide, hard, smooth, quietly, small, big, lift, whisper, sturdy, squeeze, strong, heavy, peek

Challenge 3

Teddy Bear's picnic.

Our 'Talking Tuesday' challenge this week is to have a teddy bear's picnic! find your teapot, cups and saucer and get talking. Don't forget to take a photo of your picnic for your challenge passport. Let's get talking! Pouring, stirring, yummy, teapot, apple, your turn, blanket, chopping, sipping, cup and saucer, rumbling tummy, chomping, hot, tasty, eating, nibbling

Challenge 4

Make up a story

Once upon a time...what happened? Where did it happen? Who is in the story? How does it end? The end! Don't forget to take a photo for your summer challenge passport!

Challenge 5

Let's get messy

Our Talking Tuesday Challenge this week is to play with a messy activity! Why not try cooked spaghetti, oats, playdough, shredded paper - the possibilities are endless. Painting, mid, shaving foam, cereals, cornflour and water, cooked spaghetti and food colouring. Describing words to try: rough, smooth, squelchy, squashy, tickly, lumpy, gritty, rubbery, prickly, fluffy, sticky, crunchy, slimy, bubbly, doughy, floppy

Challenge 6

Let's get creative

You might need: scissors, chalk, coloured paper, newspaper, shredded paper, cardboard boxes. This week we are challenging you to get creative - use old boxes, yoghurt pots, and toilet roll tubes to make a creation. What will you make?