Accessible information

We are committed to making sure that everyone can get information about their health, and express their views and needs, whatever their communications needs.

We have created the resources below to explain more about how we do this, and to provide some helpful tools. We have also created a video showing what a difference accessible communication can make to our service user and patients.



Name Size/Type Description Date
About inclusive communication.pdf 1350KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
Health signs and symbols.pdf 2630KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
How I am feeling.pdf 278KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
I want to talk about.pdf 308KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
Involve me card.pdf 196KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
My medicine.pdf 139KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
Poster.pdf 166KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
Specialist communication.pdf 576KB PDF 19 Apr 2017
What is happening.pdf 980KB PDF 19 Apr 2017