Annual General Meeting / Annual Members' Meeting 2019

Picture of AGM/AMM attendees sitting in chairs watching Dean Fathers present

The Trust’s Annual General Meeting and Annual Members' Meeting for 2019 took place on Friday 26 July, 2.00pm-3.15pm at Highbury Hospital, Bulwell, NG6 9DR in the Conference Hall. 

At the event the Council of Governors presented:

  • a report on the proceedings of its meetings held since the last annual meeting
  • a report on the progress since the last annual meeting in developing the membership strategy
  • a report on any change to the Governors which has taken place since the last annual meeting
  • a report containing such comments as it wishes to make regarding the performance of the Trust for the preceding Financial Year and the future service development plans of the Trust.

At the meeting we also:

  • formally agreed the notes of the Annual General Meeting for 2017; presented the Financial Summary of Accounts for the past year and highlights of the year; presented the Trust’s Annual Report and invited questions from attendees.

The AGM/AMM was filmed and this is available to watch below.