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April 2018

Council of Governors meeting papers for April meeting held at Arnold Lodge, Medium Secure Unit, Cordelia Close, Leicester.

1. Welcome, Introductions, Health & Safety arrangements

1.1 Apologies for absence

1.2 Declarations of Interest

2.  Minutes from the previous meeting - 23 January 2018

2.1 Matters arising and action points from previous meeting

3.  CEO Strategic scan

4. Governor questions about the scan and the  Integrated Performance Report

5.  Certification Requirement for training and development of Governors

6.  Governor Code of Conduct

7. Lead Governor Report

8. Questions raised since the last meeting - 23 January 2018

9. Financial Planning

10. Any other urgent business notified in advance of the meeting

10.1 Review of the meeting

11. Close of business


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