Abuse is someone doing something to you that harms you. There are different types of abuse – some abusers use words to hurt you, others hurt you in different ways. You can read more about different types of abuse on the Childline website. Whatever is happening, it is not your fault. It’s important to tell someone so that you can be kept safe. 

The abuser can be a family member, someone you are close to, a friend, a teacher, a neighbour, or even someone online who you don’t really know. If someone is doing something to you that you feel is not right, tell someone.

You might be worried about telling someone in case they blame you or don’t believe you. But abuse is not your fault. Start by telling someone you feel safe with – like a friend, a family member, a teacher, or a religious person. You can also tell the police or you can contact the NSPCC or Childline. These are confidential services that will make sure that you are safe.