How can I get help?

If you would like support with how you are feeling, thinking and behaving, you can speak with someone who will write to CAMHS and ask us to help. This is called making a referral.

It helps to have information about how you are feeling so that we can find the best way to support you. The person who is going to write to us might ask you some questions to help with this.

You could talk to someone at your school, such as support staff, a teacher, a TA (teaching assistant), a counsellor or the school nurse.

If you don’t want to talk to an adult on your own, you could talk to a friend first. They might be able to go with you to speak with someone in school.

You can also talk to your doctor. You can go and see your doctor on your own or with your parents.

Your parents or carers can support you, too. Parents can be involved if you want them to be, but if not we will respect your privacy.

If we are worried about your safety or the safety of another person, we may need to tell other people. We would talk to you about this first.