Primary Mental Health Team

The Primary Mental Health (PMH) Team does not work directly with young people and parents/carers. Instead the team works with ‘universal services’, such as GPs and school health teams and schools.

The team works with and supports practitioners working with children, young people and their families in relation to emotional health and wellbeing. The team provides training and consultation to empower and support practitioners to extend their range of skills and knowledge in mental health difficulties, to ensure that children and young people’s needs are met within the appropriate service.

The team members are multi-disciplinary, qualified professionals with experience of working with children and young people in the area of emotional/mental health. Their purpose is to:

  • Promote, protect and improve children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  • Promote resilience, prevention and early intervention
  • Improve access to effective support
  • Care for the most vulnerable
  • Develop the workforce

Service opening hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Accessing our service

The professionals that the team support are GPs, school health teams and schools. The team does not work directly with young people and parents/carers. The contact details for professionals only are:


South Community (Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe)

Base: Pebble Bridge, Hopewood
Tel: 0115 844 0500


North Community (Newark, Sherwood and Bassetlaw)

Base: Northgate
Tel: 0115 854 2217


West Community (Mansfield and Ashfield)

Base: Lindsay Close
Tel: 0115 956 0866 


General contacts

Primary Mental Health Team Secretary
Based at Pebble Bridge. Tel: 0115 844 0500

Training and Primary Mental Health Team Lead - Beckey Berney
Based at Lindsay Close, Tel: 07468710183

Contact and find us


Pebble Bridge
Foster Drive


3-5 Lindsay Close
NG18 5TF


65 Northgate
NG24 1HD

Main tel: 0115 854 2270

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