Information for professionals

Introducing Children’s Centre Services in Nottinghamshire

There are 58 Children’s Centre areas that are in 18 groups or clusters. Each cluster is led by a children’s centre cordinator. Each of the 7 districts is led by a service manager. You can find their contact details here [pdf] 122KB

The service is commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council to provide early intervention and targeted services for parents to be and families with children under five years. Nottinghamshire’s Children’s Centre outcomes are focussed on the following:

  • Children achieve a good level of development and are ready for school and are supported to close the attainment gap
  • Parents are job ready with increased aspirations for themselves and their children
  • Children and parents have improved health, emotional health and wellbeing
  • The needs of children and their families are identified early and the risk of harm is prevented


Service offer

Most services are delivered directly by Childrens Centre staff either in the home or at an accessible site as a 1-1 or group. Some will be delivered in partnership with other agencies or by agencies utilising the Children’s Centre sites such as further education, midwifery or childcare providers. The service is also complemented through the deployment of volunteers for the delivery of some universal services, such as Stay and Play groups for all under 5’s, and some specialist services, such as Footsteps –a  perinatal volunteer led home visiting  programme to help improve the well-being of those at risk of anxiety or depression.

See the core offer here [pdf] 243KB

The menu of interventions describes each targeted service offered by the Children's Centre and how the needs can be met. See the menu of Interventions here [pdf] 1MB.


How to refer

Any agency can refer a parent to be or a family with a child under five where there is a need in achieving the outcomes as described above. Self referrals are also accepted. A guide to levels of need is available on Nottinghamshire County Council’s Pathway to Provision. Agencies need to be explicit as to the needs that are unmet through either the utilisation of an existing whole family assessment such as an Early Help Assessment Form or an E-referral if on SystmOne which references the latest assessment that identifies the needs and the proposed action required from the Childrens Centre service. Secure email is the preferred method.

Secure email addresses to use are:






Newark and Sherwood:



A guide for professionals for all the above including a flowchart on how to refer and all the secure email addresses can be found here:  access guide to Children's Centre Services [pdf] 530KB.