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July 2018

Welcome, Introductions, Health and Safety arrangements

Apologies for Absence

Declarations of Interest

Enc. 038 minutes from previous meeting 05.04.2018.docx [docx] 72KB 

Matters Arising and Action Points from previous meeting

CEO Strategic Scan

Governor Questions about the Scan and Enc. 041 Integrated Performance Report.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Enc. 042 Notts Annual Audit Letter 2017-18.pdf [pdf] 389KB 

Enc. 042.1 Long form report on the Quality Report 2017-18 pdf [pdf] 328KB 

Enc 043 Appointment process of Chief Executive.docx [docx] 473KB 

Enc. 044 External Audit Recommendation.docx [docx] 65KB 

Enc. 045 Deputy Lead Governor Report.docx [docx] 39KB 

Lead Governor Report (verbal update)

Feedback from NHS Providers Conference (verbal update)

Enc. 047 Questions raised since last meeting.doc [doc] 486KB 

Governor questions (verbal)

Quality Improvement (verbal update)

Any other urgent business notified in advance of the meeting

Review of meeting

Close of business



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