October 2016

Council of Governors meeting papers for October 2016 held in Conference Room 1 at Duncan Macmillan House


1. Welcome, Introductions, Health & Safety arrangements

1.1 Apologies for absence

1.2 Declarations of Interest

2.  Minutes from the previous meeting - 14 July 2016 [pdf] 462KB

2.1 Matters arising and action points from previous meeting

3.  CEO Strategic Scan [pdf] 205KB

4. Formal receipt of petition

5. Governor questions about the scan,  Finance Report [pdf] 409KB and  Quality and Performance Report [pdf] 1010KB

6. Lead Governor report

7. Items to approve:

?8.  Constitution amendments [pdf] 277KB

9.  Council of Governors Election 2016/17 [pdf] 370KB

10. Governor questions

11.  Adult Mental Health Transformation Status Report [pdf] 487KB

12. Any other urgent business notified in advance of the meeting

12.1 Review of the meeting

13. Close of business

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