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Submit your Lateral Flow test results

You will need to login to the system prior to submitting your results. You need to use your Trust email address and the same password you use to login to your Trust computer.

*Please note, Forensics staff will need to use their username ie. not their email address

Click here to submit your test results

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Record exclusion from lateral flow testing

You may not need to take regular lateral flow tests due to annual leave, long term absence including maternity / paternity leave or if you are 'post COVID'. If this applies to you please submit your reason for being excluded using the link below.

Click here to submit your exclusion


Staff Lateral Flow training guide and paper submissions



Lateral Flow self-swab video tutorial

This video provided by the NHS Learning Hub does show how to use the kit correctly however; we have localised our own procedure. Please refer to Staff Training Guide Lateral Flow Kits [pdf] 564KB for the Nottinghamshire Healthcare procedure.



Managers documentation



Frequently asked questions

About the test

Why do I need to have a Covid-19 lateral flow test if I do not have symptoms?

Evidence has shown that people infected with COVID-19 can have no symptoms and still transmit the virus to others without being aware. It is important that we take steps to reduce the risk of transmission by identifying those who may not know they have the virus and therefore staff without symptoms will be tested. 

This programme is a part of the Government testing strategy to provide regular testing for NHS staff. Having this test is one of the ways you can help to protect yourself, colleagues and patients.


What type of test are we rolling out?

The test is widely known as the Lateral Flow Test. This is an Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test which uses a swab which has been in contact with the nostril of the person being tested.


How frequently should staff be tested?

Staff should test themselves twice weekly every 3 to 4 days to fit with shift patterns and leave requirements: for example, Wednesday and Sunday, or Monday and Thursday.


How many tests will staff get?

The testing kits will arrive in boxes containing 7 test kits. This is expected to last for just over 3 week.

Eligibility for testing

Will all staff at Nottinghamshire Healthcare be tested?

We are taking a phased approach to the programme rollout and, in the first instance, will be inviting all staff identified as being patient facing as part of the flu programme. Once the programme is underway, testing for other services not identified in the initial phase will be considered and, where necessary, plans will be put in place to support this.


Do I need to have a test if I am taking part in a research study and I have weekly swabs taken?

If you are participating in research studies where the frequency of testing is not weekly (e.g. monthly) they should undertake twice-weekly lateral flow self-testing. For example, staff members participating in the SIREN study and having PCR swab testing every two weeks should also be part of the twice-weekly lateral flow testing if they are a patient-facing member of staff.


Can these tests be used for patients?

No, lateral flow tests are for staff members only. PCR swab tests should continue to be used for patients.


Can staff use the tests for their symptomatic family members?

No, these kits are only for individual Nottinghamshire Healthcare staff members. Family members who have symptoms should access tests in the normal way by contacting


I don’t want to have a COVID-19 test, what happens then?

If you are feeling anxious about having a test you can speak to your manager for some reassurance, guidance and support. If you are in a patient facing role where the impact of spreading the virus to vulnerable patients could have significant adverse outcomes for them, then you will be expected to undertake a test. This will provide our patients with the reassurance that they are attending a part of our organisation that is free from COVID-19 and enable them to access their treatment.


If a staff member has a positive PCR (swab) COVID-19 test, when should they start the lateral flow antigen tests again?

Staff should undertake routine lateral flow testing, even if this is within 90 days of the positive Covid-19 test result.

If staff have a positive lateral flow test result within 90 days of a prior positive test, they should start a new period of self-isolation unless a clinical or risk assessment suggests that a re-infection is unlikely. This risk assessment should inform subsequent action including whether isolation is required.

Using the test

How do I use the test?

This test uses a self-taken sample by swab of your nose, and can give results within thirty minutes, and without the need to be sent to a laboratory to be analysed. The whole test can be carried out at home, and you will know your results straight away. 


What training and support is available?

Staff will be provided with an instruction leaflet and a training guide and swabbing training demonstration is available from CONNECT.  On receipt of the testing pack please disregard the instruction leaflet and use the one issued from the Trust.


Why is the testing method different from that described in the manufacturer’s original instructions for use?

We are recommending the swab is used and the sample taken in a different way to the instructions for use, with more rotation of the swab at a lower level of penetration, to enable easier self-administration of the test. This is based on advice from experts. The manufacturer has been informed of the planned use of the tests for self-administered asymptomatic staff testing within the NHS and trusts have been asked to provide a local support package (as referenced above).


Should the tests be kept in specific conditions?

Tests should be stored at room temperature, kept out of direct sunlight and not be exposed to heat.  Please keep the box out of reach of pets and small children.


What should staff do with the used tests?

Staff can safely dispose of the test items in their normal household waste but should pour any residual buffer solution away first.

About the result

How will I find out my result?

Results should be read within 30 minutes. Feedback from pilot areas report that POSITIVE results may be reported in error if the test is read after 30 minutes, so it is important that you keep an eye on your timings.


How is the result interpreted?

The test is very simple to read, and you will return one of the following:

How is the result interpreted


What happens if my test is negative?

If your Lateral Flow Test result is negative, you can continue to work.  You will need to record your result (as outlined in the recording section of the FAQ)


What happens if my test is negative, but I have coronavirus symptoms?

If you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms please self-isolate as per the current Government guidelines and contact to arrange for the PCR (swab) test.


What happens if staff get a positive lateral flow result?

Staff should inform their line manager of a positive lateral flow result as per the current Trust reporting processes. You and your household should isolate as set out in government guidance and you should contact to arrange for a PCR (swab) test.


What happens if my result is invalid?

If your result is INVALID, then you should carry out a further test.


Are we asking potentially positive staff to come to hospitals for a confirmatory PCR (swab) test?

You will be notified of the arrangements for you to access your PCR (swab) test following a positive lateral flow test. These arrangements assume that staff may be infected with Covid-19 and therefore suitable IPC and PPE will be in place. Staff should continue to isolate until they have the results of the PCR (swab) test.


Will I find out if someone I work with has tested positive?

The Executive Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality and the Infection Prevention Team will be managing any outbreaks and advising on any additional testing that may be required so you will be contacted if this occurs in your area. Patient confidentiality applies to all staff members who have been tested for Covid-19. 

Recording the information

How do we collect the results of these tests?

Once you have undertaken a test, you must report their results via the link provided

For those staff that are unable to use the online results form, they can either:

  • Complete the results registration form manually which can be input by another colleague, or scanned and emailed to
  • Call 0115 995 5472 (internal x10150) and provide details over the phone to an Incident Control Team Colleague.

All staff results must be registered. If you or your staff need any advice or support, please contact the team using the email address or number above.


How will my information be used?

The results across the testing programme will provide information on the prevalence of COVID-19 across Nottinghamshire Healthcare services. As a Trust we are required to report back on the number of staff eligible for testing, numbers tested and the levels of positive and negative results but the information provided will not include personal details or be identifiable in any other way.


Users of a nasal sprays or other topical / prescribed products on or within your nose

Anyone that uses nasal, topical products, including medicines does as follows:

  1. Seek a review of the need for any prescribed or purchased nasal topical treatments, particularly in use for allergy conditions, particularly if this is seasonal – consider discontinuation (i.e. avoid the potential for a problem, appropriate deprescribing)
  2. Where these treatments must continue, perform the lateral flow testing before administration of any nasal, topical medicines. Any nasal topical treatments may have a temporary effect of ‘washing’ away or reducing the local presence of virus and related viral particles which would then be swallowed, therefore best to complete the test before use of these medicines / products.


At what stage is Test and Trace informed of the result?

At the point the confirmatory PCR test result is known, and this is positive, test results will, as normal, be referred to Test and Trace.

Outbreaks and contact tracing

Will this testing regime remove the need for staff who have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case to self-isolate?

Government self-isolation advice should be followed at all times. This test does not remove the need to self-isolate should you need to.


Can tests be used as a response to COVID-19 outbreaks?

Should an outbreak be declared in the organisation, testing regimes will be discussed in line with our normal outbreak response and, where necessary, advice will be obtained from Public Health England (PHE) colleagues.


Where should I direct any enquiries?

Please contact the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Staff Testing Team via, telephone 0115 955 5472 or internally via extension 10150.

Ordering lateral flow kits

You must now order your own lateral flow testing kits directly as the Trust has no stock left and is not able to order more. You can order your kits from the national supply here: ordering a box online.

Any test kits ordered via this site will be delivered to your home address. Please note that the website does not seem to work well in Internet Explorer, so please use Edge or Chrome to access the link.

We’re asking that you continue to test twice weekly and record your result using the Trust system. Please ensure you use our system, not the national system. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Via Connect - click on ‘Click here to submit your results’
  • Via the Trust website  - the link is on the front page of the site. You then need to click on the links to ‘submit your results’ and follow the instructions on entering your work login details
  • Using the link directly - if you have previously followed the instructions on entering work login details
  • Submit your results on paper – download the word document and submit to

I’ve split my bottle of solution. Is it possible to get a new one without a whole new kit?

It is not possible to supply the bottles of solution on their own. If you have spilt one of your bottles of solution, please continue to use your kit until you run out of solution in the other bottle.

When you are about to run out, order more kits from the national supply here: ordering a box online.

Should staff continue swabbing during annual leave?

Staff may continue to swab whilst on annual leave for longer than a week, but it is not a requirement.

I’ve had the Covid vaccine, do I need to continue to test myself using the lateral flow tests?

Yes. The advice from NHSE/I is that you should continue to test even though you have had the vaccine.

I work in Forensics and am having trouble logging my lateral flow test results. What information do I use to login?

Forensics staff will need to use their username i.e. not their email address



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