July 2014

July 2014 was the first Council of Governors meeting following authorisation of NHS Foundation Trust Status. This meeting was used as an opportunity for Governors to discuss the structure and forward planning of the Council of Governors and as such there were no supporting papers.

1. Welcome and introductions


2. Motion confirming the establishment of the Council of Governors (shadow pending Foundation Trust authorisation)


3. Lead Governor


4. Environmental Scan


5. Finance & Performance

  • An overview of and introduction to the Trust's financial and performance position and report
  • How we gain assurance


6. Governors discussion


7. Q&A re finance, performance and audit


8. Enabling the Council of Governors and Governors in undertaking their role

  • Steering Group
  • Working Groups
  • Engagement and visits


9. Any other business

  • Comments received on the Membership Strategy


10. Close of business