How do we use your feedback?

Your feedback is taken seriously. We will act on it wherever we can, and do what we can to let you know what we have done.

How do we use feedback to improve our services?

All of our services are expected find a way to get feedback from their service users and their families or carers. They can do this in whatever way they feel is most effective and best suits the people they care for.

Our dedicated Involvement, Experience and Volunteering team advises on and help services to collect feedback, and then they analyse and publish the feedback on the Your Feedback Matters website. They also work closely with services to ensure that they act upon feedback wherever they can, and of course, that they celebrate and share when you say thank you.

Every six months, services write a report to demonstrate what they have changed as a result of your feedback and your involvement.

The Trust’s Board of Directors receive a report every month which tells them what service users and carers are saying about our services, and what is being done as a result. This report brings together the recurring and significant issues and compliments from service user and carer feedback about the Trust, and looks at one of our services in detail every time. 

Read our board reports.

We also hold various meetings such as:

  • Ward and community patient meetings
  • Involvement and Recovery meetings
  • Carers Forums
  • The Trust’s Patient Experience and Service Improvement Committee

These meetings review patient and carer feedback in specific services, or across the Trust, and it’s here that decisions are made about what should be done as a result.

Every meeting has representation from patients and/or carers. If you would like to know more about these meetings, and perhaps get involved, please read more about using your lived experience and volunteering.


How will you know what we’ve done with your feedback?

If you share your feedback on the Care Opinion website, someone from the service on which you are commenting will post a response to your feedback and Care Opinion will notified you by email (this is still anonymous, we do not see your email address or any personal details).

If you complete our service user/carer experience survey online or on a form we are not able to respond directly to you because this is an anonymous way to share feedback with us. However, we encourage all services to share what they have done as a response to all feedback by displaying ‘You Said, We Did’ posters or by sharing an update on our Your Feedback Matters website.

You can read the reports that go to our Board of Directors, in which we share how services are responding to feedback and what is changing as a result.