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Improving Nottinghamshire Healthcare Adult Mental Health Inpatient services

Over the last year the Trust has been looking at our inpatient unit based in Mansfield: Millbrook Mental Health Unit. It was decided that the due to environmental considerations, the unit does not meet the standards we would want to provide for our patients and service users. We have also considered national guidance and recommendations from the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Their guidance states that adults should be cared for in single accommodation with en-suite facilities. The Trust would also like to improve safety for patients and staff, improve privacy and dignity along with the therapeutic benefit of the ward environment for the wellbeing and behaviours of people requiring an inpatient stay.

This unit currently does not allow for this, the most significant reasons being:

  • Dormitory accommodation on some of the wards
  • The lack of outside space on the site and the poor quality of the space we do have
  • It is difficult to see patients on the wards and keep them safe due to the shape of the building
  • One of the wards is too large
  • Patients must share bathroom facilities
  • It is difficult to fully meet the need of patients who require physical healthcare or who have restricted mobility

Looking at the best way to make the required changes and improvements to modernise our adult services there are two reasons which make it impracticable:

  • There is not enough space to reconstruct the site and wards
  • The cost has been estimated and it is too expensive

The decision was made by the Trust Board to buy a new hospital site where we can make the changes needed for our patients, staff and visitors to receive the best services and level of care we are dedicated to giving. Adult Mental Health services will then move to this new site leaving Mental Health Services for Older People at the Millbrook site, allowing space to renovate and improve the environment.

The Trust purchased what was the St Andrews Hospital site near Mansfield. Following a period of modifications to the site, the Trust’s inpatient services for adults currently provided at Millbrook Mental Health Unit will be moved here next year. It is anticipated that the new unit, renamed Sherwood Oaks, will open in Spring/early Summer 2021.

We took a tour round the site in December 2020 before refurbishment began so that you can see what the hospital looks like:

This is an important step in improving the quality of mental health inpatient care for the local population. Following the move of adult inpatient services to Sherwood Oaks, this will leave Mental Health Services for Older People at Millbrook, allowing space for significant modifications to the unit and improvements to the environment. The Trust will continue to involve staff, patients, service users, carers and local organisations in these developments. More information is available on the Latest News on the Trust website.

The Trust is committed to involving service users and carers in the development of the new hospital.  Please see Sherwood Oaks Steering Group Involvement Group page to read about how this is happening.  If you are interested in contributing to the co-design of these areas please contact involve@nottshc.nhs.uk.


Naming Sherwood Oaks

The name of the new site was suggested via an online competition. We had over 150 suggestions which a judging panel then looked at. The panel consisted of service users, carers, ward staff and the chief executive.

Location of new hospital site

The location of new site hospital site is:
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Oaks Business Park
NG18 4GW




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