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Improving Nottinghamshire Healthcare Adult Mental Health Inpatient services

We are currently undertaking a significant refurbishment project at our recently purchased hospital in Mansfield. 

Sherwood Oaks is a 70-bed unit which will provide high quality care, 24/7, to people over the age of 18 who are experiencing acute mental ill-health. Our patients will be cared for across four single sex wards and a hospital-based place of safety (Section 136 suite), all providing single person ensuite accommodation.

Our inpatient services for adults currently provided at Millbrook Mental Health Unit will be moved to Sherwood Oaks when it opens. This will leave Mental Health Services for Older People at the Millbrook site.

Sherwood Oaks is an important step in improving the quality of mental health inpatient care for the local Mid Notts and Bassetlaw population. It will result in significant improvements to the physical care environment for patients, providing modern single ensuite accommodation and increased outdoor space. This will ensure that patients receive their care in the best facilities while maintaining their safety, privacy and dignity, along with the therapeutic benefit of the ward environment on their wellbeing.

To hear how our plans our taking shape at Sherwood Oaks watch the short video below of Dr Julie Attfield, Executive Director of Local Mental Health Services at the Trust, discussing the site:

You can also watch a recent walk-through of the work taking place and meet some of the team involved.

Following the move of adult inpatient services to Sherwood Oaks, Millbrook Mental Health Unit will become a hub for Older People’s inpatient services as well as continuing to provide outpatient services. This has allowed us to review the space and we are currently planning significant modifications to the unit and improvements to the environment. The Trust will continue to involve staff, patients, service users, carers and local organisations in these developments.

The Trust is committed to involving service users and carers in the development of both these hospitals.  Please see Sherwood Oaks Steering Involvement Group page to read about how this is happening. If you are interested in contributing to the co-design of these areas please contact involve@nottshc.nhs.uk.


Naming Sherwood Oaks

The name of the new site was suggested via an online competition. We had over 150 suggestions which were judged by a panel of service users, carers, ward staff and the Trust chief executive.

Over 50 people made suggestions, with each person contributing up to five names. A key theme of nature and trees emerged across all the suggestions.  

The final decision on ward names proved to be an amalgamation of the suggestions, with considerations including whether the name was already in use elsewhere across the Trust, how it was to remember, to say over the telephone and not to sound too similar to one another.

The final names chosen for the wards are:

  • Beech Ward and Fir Ward for the female wards.
  • Cedar Ward and Elm Ward for the male wards.
  • Acorn for the 136 Suite


Transforming mental healthcare in Bassetlaw

The NHS and its partners across Bassetlaw are committed to improving mental health care for everyone so that it meets the needs of local people now and in the future. Over the next three years, the plan is to transform Bassetlaw’s community mental health services. More investment will mean that better services are available locally - giving people quicker and easier access to the support they need.

There is also a real need to improve the quality of mental health and dementia care when people need to be cared for in hospital. In particular, for adults and older people, change is needed to provide safe, effective and consistently high-quality care. Alongside developing its community mental health transformation plans, NHS Bassetlaw CCG considered proposals to change inpatient mental health services for adults and older people and those living with dementia. This service is currently provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare at Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop.

Having considered a range of solutions, the CCG believes that a better service could be delivered in future by providing adult inpatient mental health services at refurbished accommodation at Sherwood Oaks and older people’s services within a refurbished unit at Millbrook Mental Health Unit. The CCG held an engagement period to hear views from people across Bassetlaw on the proposals so that any future service is fully informed by this conversation and shaped by local people alongside other information, including the views of partner organisations and independent clinical advice.  The engagement period has now ended, but you can visit http://www.bassetlawccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/how-to-get-involved/bassetlaw-mental-health-engagement where the full engagement document, a summary, and FAQs can be found.

Location of new hospital site

The location of new site hospital site is:
Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Oaks Business Park
NG18 4GW



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