Involvement, experience and volunteering

We expect all our staff to show a commitment to involving people, listening and responding to people’s experiences, and supporting volunteering. 

Our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Strategy sets out how we will ensure that we involve people, how we will listen to (and act upon) their views and how we will recruit, train and support volunteers within our services.

We have a dedicated team of people who work in partnership with our service users, carers, volunteers and members to:

  • analyse and publish all the feedback we receive on our Your Feedback Matters website
  • support our staff to capture and respond to people’s feedback, and to improve their services as a result
  • facilitate the various ways that service users, carers, families, volunteers, members and the public can contribute to how we change, plan and review our services

You can keep to date with the Involvement team on Twitter @InvolveNottsHC, Instagram Involvenottshc and our website Notts Healthcare Involvement, Experience and Volunteering

Should you require any further information please contact us:

Call us: 0800 052 1415

Email us:

Involvement Centres

We have two Involvement Centres where people can get involved in a variety of activities and opportunities, to provide input into shaping services, or to work on personal development in a welcoming and supportive environment.   

The Nottingham Involvement Centre is based at Duncan Macmillan House. The Rosewood Involvement Centre is in Ollerton.  

To find out more about the Involvement Centres and what they offer, contact a member of the Involvement Team at either of the Centres.


Nottingham Involvement Centre

Duncan Macmillan House
Porchester Road
NG3 6AA                                                                          

Tel: 0800 052 1415 or 0115 956 0845



Rosewood Involvement Centre

Church Circle
New Ollerton
NG22 9SZ

Tel: 0800 052 1415 or 0115 956 0845


Involvement, Experience and Volunteering reports

We report on Involvement, Experience and Volunteering in a number of ways. Most of our reports are shared publicly.

Our reports help us to:

  • analyse and share what is being said about our services
  • capture and share what we’re doing as a result of what we are hearing
  • assure senior managers in the Trust, and our Board, that as an organisation we’re responding quickly and effectively to our feedback
  • share information about the contribution of our volunteers
  • share and celebrate the good work of our staff to involve people in their own care, in local service changes and in Trust-wide strategies


We produce two reports for the Board, the Patient Voice report (monthly) and the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering report (every 3 months).

You can view our Board Reports here.

We also produce an annual Involvement report. This sits alongside our Trust-wide Annual Report and our Quality Account, and is launched each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

See the changes we have made through our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering work during 2015/16 in our Annual Involvement Report below. The report highlights some of our achievements across the Trust's services and contains links to the full stories online. The report looks at how we have worked in partnership with service users, patients, carers and volunteers to make a difference to our services, the culture of the organisation and individual lives. 

See Our 2016 Annual Involvement Report[pdf] 185KB

See Our 2015 Annual Involvement Report.


Latest Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report is available here [pdf] 12MB 

If you would like a copy in another format or language, please email
or call 0115 993 4530.

Communities of Interest (COI)

The Communities of Interest initiative was launched in the Trust in 2010.

Communities of Interest involve service users, carers, volunteers, public members, Trust staff and partner organisations. A Community of Interest is about working together and helping each other to achieve common aims or objectives.

By working together in an area of specific interest, Communities of Interest can help to influence the direction the Trust takes to the benefit of service users, carers, partners, staff and public members.

A Community of Interest can be a group that meets up regularly or it can be a virtual community via the internet. It could also be a combination of the two.


Diversity within Dementia COI

Contact: Julie Aicha
Tel: 0115 8542227 or email



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