Involvement Centres

We have two Involvement Centres where people can get involved in a variety of activities and opportunities, to provide input into shaping services, or to work on personal development in a welcoming and supportive environment.   

The Nottingham Involvement Centre is based within Trust Headquarters at Duncan Macmillan House. The Rosewood Involvement Centre is in Ollerton.  

To find out more about the Involvement Centres and what they offer, contact a member of the Involvement Team at either of the Centres.


Nottingham Involvement Centre                                   Rosewood Involvement Centre

Duncan Macmillan House                                                 Church Circle

Porchester Road                                                               New Ollerton

Nottingham                                                                        Nottinghamshire

NG3 6AA                                                                           NG22 9SZ

Tel:  0800 052 1415 or 0115 956 0845                              Tel:  0800 052 1415 or 0115 956 0845