Involvement, Experience and Volunteering reports

We report on Involvement, Experience and Volunteering in a number of ways. Most of our reports are shared publicly.

Our reports help us to:

  • analyse and share what is being said about our services
  • capture and share what we’re doing as a result of what we are hearing
  • assure senior managers in the Trust, and our Board, that as an organisation we’re responding quickly and effectively to our feedback
  • share information about the contribution of our volunteers
  • share and celebrate the good work of our staff to involve people in their own care, in local service changes and in Trust-wide strategies

We produce two reports for the Board, the Patient Voice report (monthly) and the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering report (every 3 months).

You can view our Board Reports here.

We also produce an annual Involvement report. This sits alongside our Trust-wide Annual Report and our Quality Account, and is launched each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

See the changes we have made through our Involvement, Experience and Volunteering work during 2015/16 in our Annual Involvement Report below. The report highlights some of our achievements across the Trust's services and contains links to the full stories online. The report looks at how we have worked in partnership with service users, patients, carers and volunteers to make a difference to our services, the culture of the organisation and individual lives. 

See Our 2016 Annual Involvement Report [pdf] 185KB

See Our 2015 Annual Involvement Report.