Art and music therapists

Art and music therapists are employed across Nottinghamshire Healthcare, delivering therapy to children and young people (CAMHS community and inpatient) and patients in secure services. Arts therapists work closely with colleagues from a range of professions, to offer both individual and group assessment and treatment to clients. They work across with patients from admission to discharge.

The Art and Music Therapy Team based at Rampton Hospital provides bespoke interventions, including co-facilitation of core psychological treatment groups such as the Violent Offending Treatment groups and the Fire Setting Treatment programme. It also incorporates an outreach team of core creative psychotherapists (art, music and drama) who provide specific work into specialist learning disability and personality disorder therapeutic communities, based in both HMP Dovegate and HMP Gartree. Art therapy also takes place in the Wells Road Centre; providing 1:1 access and some group treatment for patients admitted there.

All arts therapists are committed to providing a robust therapeutic framework which is evidence based and allows the individual to explore their core treatment aims. The arts therapists aim to work with individuals to promote positive behavioural changes, reduction of risk, increased self-esteem and importantly support them on their recovery journey. The interventions offered by music therapists and art psychotherapists are designed to enable effective long term change and recovery.