Podiatric surgery

We are a department of over 50 staff. The department’s primary role is the provision of day care elective foot surgery under local anaesthesia, specialising in the assessment and surgical management of complex foot disorders including forefoot, mid foot and rear foot pathologies. We focus on patient safety and satisfaction. The majority of work undertaken is elective foot surgery. Common conditions we treat include: hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, claw/hammer toes, neuroma/nerve entrapment, metatarsalgia, soft tissue lumps and bumps, degenerative arthritis, tendon disorders, keratotic disorders of the skin.

We also offer a number of other treatments including: cortisone injections, immobilisation therapies, physical therapies and foot health advice. We work closely with our colleagues in the Musculoskeletal Podiatry Team who offer custom made foot orthoses.

Staff story

As an AHP with 30 years of experience of NHS working inevitably I’ve seen many changes, the good the bad and the ugly! What has never changed however is the joy I still get at being able to make a positive difference to service user care and experience. When newly qualified this was limited to individuals and my own case load, as time has gone on the NHS has allowed me to develop a research career which means the difference I can make goes far further than those I immediately come into contact with. Long may it continue! Thank you NHS.    

Alison, Lead Podiatrist, Diabetes