Speech and language therapy

A speech and language therapist working with a man at home We employ around 180 speech and language therapists (SLTs) working across diverse services from children to adults with both acquired and developmental conditions. Our work includes prevention and promotion across universal, targeted and specialist settings.

We work collaboratively and can provide you with a range of experiences from children’s centres, schools and colleges, to hospital settings in acute and secondary care, learning disabilities, mental health, and forensic services. We provide many of the speech and language therapy services in Nottingham City and County, including Bassetlaw.

Whatever the care group, specialism or geographical area we are committed to working together with service users, their families and carers as well as staff and professionals who support them, to ensure better lives for people with communication and swallowing needs.

Speech and language therapists across the Trust are involved in a range of continuing professional development, research and audit opportunities. We are actively engaged with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, with key roles including advisors. All SLTs are members of the East Midlands Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists hub, and many are also members of regional and national clinical excellence networks.


Charlie's story

"After working in a variety of support worker roles in the independent sector, I then joined Nottinghamshire Healthcare as an Assistant Speech and Language Therapist. This allowed me to experience a variety of different positions within the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities field. I gained a greater understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ beyond just my role. This inspired me to train as a speech and language therapist.  

"During my course I realised the standards, quality and forward thinking that I was used to in Nottinghamshire Healthcare's Speech and Language Therapy Service was not always to the same degree on a regional and national level. I realised that my heart lay in working with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and I wanted to be part of my old Speech and Language Therapy team.

"I worked hard and successfully applied for a position as a qualified speech and language therapist. I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of an innovative, supportive and high standard team of professionals that is recognised across the UK. I am so proud of my achievements and am looking forward to growing my career in speech and language therapy in the future."


Lara's story

"I came to speech therapy later in my career, retraining and graduating from the BSc in Speech and Language Therapy in 2015 in my 40s. 

"Nottinghamshire Healthcare has provided me with lots of opportunities. I’ve worked across the Rushcliffe and Newark and Sherwood Children’s Centres since June 2015 and have loved it all.

"The work we do in supporting nursery staff, parents and children across Nottinghamshire with speech, language and communication is incredibly rewarding. I enjoy the variety of my days: some days I will be delivering parent training in the morning, seeing a child at home in the afternoon and finishing the day preparing resources for nursery staff."