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Great outcome for Pegasus                                                                  

The Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC) carried out a peer review visit in September 2019 on Pegasus Ward at Hopewood. The QNIC is a scheme provided by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. A visiting team spent one day at the unit speaking to staff, young people and parents about the service. This followed a self-review where local staff rated themselves against the standards. Pegasus Ward achieved 96% against the target.

The unit took part in a focused review covering the following sections of the service standards:

• Section 2: Staffing and Training

• Section 4: Care and Treatment

The review team was impressed with the clear ethos of the service, and the model of treatment that is displayed on the ward and followed by all staff. In addition, the team provides support for the family as a whole and offer multi-family therapy (MFT) which is now running for a second time.

Staff are also developing a new parent/carer support group. These efforts to involve families in care were reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents.

The team report that there is good staff retention, and frontline staff feel supported by management. Going forward, ensure that any changes to care delivery are cascaded throughout the team, and across shift changes.

Although the ward is a newly built, clean and tidy unit, there are some minor issues with the environment. The small size of the dining room means it can be difficult for all young people to be supported during mealtimes, and in addition, the clinic room and feeding area are currently in the same room, which is a challenge.

The main challenge for the unit is the reliance on bank and agency staff.

We were asked to consider a review of workforce requirements and ensure that appropriate training is provided for bank staff who are used regularly, as this will improve the quality of care and ensure continuity for the young people.

The Team spending time on the ward commented:

“We would like to thank the host team for welcoming us to Pegasus Ward and for their hospitality. Staff were open, honest, and keen to reflect on and develop their current practices. We would also like to thank the young people for sharing their views both informally during our tour, and in our formal discussion. Unfortunately, as we were only able to interview one young person, this feedback has not been included in the interest of confidentiality. We were able to speak to 5 parents/carers and 6 membersof frontline staff; whose comments informed our final score of 96%.”

Dr Julie Attfield, Executive Director for Mental Health, commented: “This is an amazing outcome for Pegasus. To be reviewed by your peers is always a challenge and one that the staff team on the ward has grabbed. We do this with the aim of learning and improving, and providing better care.  This is a tremendous result for a dedicated, caring and compassionate team. Well done to the team.” 



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