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Trust continues to invest in training its workforce

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As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we are delighted to put a spotlight on our collaborations with external training providers. Today’s theme is employer Tuesday, and we are sharing the thoughts and feedback from partner institutions and training providers.

Tracey Whitmore, University of Derby, says, "Our collective effort in developing collaborative working practices with clinical educators, apprentices, practice  supervisors, and assessors truly exemplifies the tripartite nature of apprenticeships. Gaining employer perspectives has been invaluable, allowing us to continually refine the program and ensure its alignment with the evolving needs of healthcare practice."

Rebecca Peat, representing Corndel Ltd, shares insights from the partnership's transformative journey over the past two years. "Corndel and Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust have collaborated to roll out leadership and management  programmes suitable for a diverse range of leaders across the Trust," Rebecca says, "The overwhelmingly positive feedback from learners and employers reflects the success of the programs, with numerous staff members gaining chartered status with the CMI. Together, we are crafting well-informed, data-driven, conscious NHS leaders, emphasising competencies from core people management skills to leading high-performing teams and departments."

Mikey Elliott from Kaplan applauds Nottinghamshire Healthcare's responsiveness and commitment to collaboration. "Our coaches have had a positive experience working with managers at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS  Foundation Trust, attending progress reviews for their students," Elliott remarks. "This engagement is paramount for us as a provider, recognising that line managers play a fundamental role in the success of apprentices."

Asma Jabeen, Ixion Holdings, said. "Collaborating with Nottinghamshire Healthcare has been nothing short of amazing," Jabeen says, "The supportive managerial approach towards upskilling, coupled with the knowledge-rich  Learning and Development team, has created an environment that values continuous growth. Our partnership is truly exceptional, nurturing the skills and capabilities of our apprentices."

Debbie Morris, People Development and Apprenticeship Lead at Nottinghamshire Healthcare said, “We are fortunate to have so many quality training providers who are invested in developing our staff and working with us to ensure the content is relevant to our needs. As the Apprenticeship Lead, I have regular meetings with many of the training providers, who also request our advice and input into the development of both the curriculum and delivery of programmes. The more we foster these relationship and strengthen them, the result can only be an improved experience for our staff undertaking apprenticeships.”

Over 300 apprenticeships at different levels are currently being studied in a range of professions across several of our sites. The Trust has invested over £3 million into further education courses for colleagues over the previous two years, which shows the Trust’s commitment to developing the workforce and attracting new recruits. 

Colleagues at any stage of their Notts Healthcare journey can apply, this includes new recruits looking to develop a career with #TeamNottsHC - find out more information.



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