0-6 months

As a baby

A mum with a young baby talking to an NHS member of staffIt is never too soon to talk to your baby. You can start as soon as they are born. Babies love faces. Hold them close so they can see your face as you talk to them.

Have a look at our Babys first steps to talking leaflet to find out more .pdf [pdf] 5MB



3 months

A mum with her young babyAt 3 months old your baby is likely to be starting to...

  • Use different cries to express their feelings.
  • Recognise familiar voices.
  • Respond to loud noises like a door slamming.
  • Stick out their tongue and move their lips when you speak to them.
  • Smile at around 5-6 weeks.
  • Laugh at about 3 months.
  • Make cooing noises at around 3 months.
  • Show a real interest in your face.

Click here to read our helpful hints for what you can do to help babies from 3 months [pdf] 3MB

6 months

A father looking at his babyAt 6 months, your baby will be starting to ...

  • Make and play with different sounds, saying, for example, baba, dada
  • Cry in different ways to express different needs.
  • Make noises to get attention
  • Make sounds when people speak to them, almost as if they are talking back!
  • Recognise different emotions in parent’s voice and may respond differently e.g. smile, quieten, laugh,
  • Smile at familiar faces
  • Laugh while playing.

Read our leaflet for helpful tips for how you can support babies from 6 months [pdf] 2MB

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