Reading is fun

  • Let your child choose the book. Follow their lead with what they want to look and talk about. Don't worry about following the story exactly!
  • Be face-to-face with your child so you can see what they are interested in and they can see your face when you are talking about the story.
  • Make books part of your everyday routine. Make sure that the telly and radio are turned off as these can be quite distracting for your child.
  • In familiar stories leave a gap in the sentence so your child can fill it. e.g. “I’ll huff and I’ll…”
  • Encourage turn-taking by taking turns to turn the pages or retell the story.
  • Use a book in different ways: draw pictures, make a collage, act it out, talk about the feelings of the characters etc.
  • Be slow and clear when you are talking, don’t be afraid to use a sing-song or funny voice when acting out the voices of the characters in the story.
  • Remember, by reading together you are not just teaching your child to read. You learn to talk a long time before you learn to read. Book sharing is a great way to help your child’s talking.

For more information on sharing books with your child pop into your local children’s centre or speak to your health visitor. Why not visit your local library to change books regularly?  Also speak to your Health Visitor about free books you are entitled to.