Six tips to talking

1. Talk to your child as you play together.

2. Spend time singing nursery rhymes and songs to your child, especially ones with actions and exciting sounds in them. For example:

  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Pat-a-Cake
  • Round and Round the Garden

3. Have fun with sounds. Help your child listen to differen sounds and look where the sound is coming from. For example:

  • An aeroplane
  • Letters coming through the door
  • You making sounds at bath time

4. Listen to your child. Give them time to talk. Respond to the way they tell you things. For example:

  • The faces they make
  • Their points and waves
  • Their sounds and words

5. Try to keep dummies for sleep times only.

6. Turn off the telly and radio so you have a quiet time with your child each day. You could look at a book, sing songs or play together.


It helps if you:

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Repeat what you say
  • Copy back what your child says or the noise they make
  • Add a few words to what your child says