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MBCT Supervision

The Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness (NCM) provides ongoing supervision to people providing MBCT in their workplace, to assist people in the ongoing development of skills and in accordance with good practice guidelines. NCM MBCT supervision involves:

Opportunity to reflect on/inquire into personal process in relation to personal mindfulness practice and mindfulness-based teaching practice

A focus on specific supervision questions relating to teaching and the development of skills

DVD or audiotape recordings of MBCT sessions illustrate particular supervision questions ands aid learning through clear feedback of teaching. Additionally, a supervisor may sit in on teaching sessions or co-teaching as a vehicle for teachers to receive informed feedback on teaching

Discussions relating to relevant literature

Our supervisors are trained in the use of 'Mindfulness-based Interventions - Teaching Assistant Criteria' and this is used as a framework for developing skills in teaching MBCT within our service

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