MBCT Trainees and Foundation Course Feedback

MBCT Foundation Training Programmes have been run by Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness since 2009. Comments and feedback from current trainees and graduates is provided below.

A very enabling course, which has led to us developing an effective and comprehensive MBCT provision where none previously existed

Andy (CBT Therapist, Leicester City IAPT Service)

“Studying Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness has been really worthwhile both personally and professionally. I have been able to offer patients MBCT groups that have made a positive difference to the way they approach their difficulties and the feedback we get from doing so has been great. The personal practice has become an essential part of my wellbeing”

Rachel (Counsellor, Nottinghamshire IAPT service)

“The MBCT foundation training combined both personal and professional development. By experiencing the effect of using mindfulness for myself I am able to facilitate teaching it much more effectively. Seeing people develop new ways of coping with difficulties they may have had for years is really rewarding”

Liz (CPN, Nottinghamshire Healthcare)

The MBCT training was excellent. The tutors were very supportive and gave me insight and skills into how I could explore the therapy in adapting it to be accessible for people with an intellectual and developmental disability

I would definitely recommend this course. Not only has it helped me recognise my own ‘warning signs' of negative thinking and to stand back from this, but also how I can pass these skills to service users within my own clinical setting

Louisa (CPN, Learning Disability Services, Nottinghamshire Healthcare)

“I have done a lot of courses in my 31 years of service and can say this is honestly the best. It is very organised; locations are well chosen to deliver the course and lots of experiential work. Outside speakers have been arranged and the course leaders are very experienced. The course has been of personal benefit also and will be useful in IAPT to run groups but also good techniques for step 4 CBT”

Lorraine (CBT Therapist, Leicester City IAPT Service)

“I am currently undertaking the mindfulness practitioner's course run by the Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness The course has been excellent on so many levels.

It is widely accepted that to be able to deliver mindfulness teaching personal practice is integral. The initial focus of the course is to take participants through the 8 week MBCT programme; this was done in a lovely setting with experienced facilitators Tim, Sonia and Ruth. This experiential aspect of the course also included silent retreat days which have enabled a deepening of my personal mindfulness practice.

In addition to this, learning mindfulness skills during the teach back days, for example enquiry and dialogue has given me the confidence to begin to use its application in my clinical work. It has been inspiring to learn new skills by way of a different style of learning such as letting things evolve and suspending habitual patterns.

It has been a privilege to attend the course with so many committed and talented facilitators and participants. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!”

Kate (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Chronic Pain Team, Nottingham City Hospital)

“The MBCT course demonstrated practical and evidence-based methods of introducing helpful spaces into my life and my work, which has had a very beneficial impact all round for the people I work with and me personally.

Sam (Clinical Psychologist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare)

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