Collaborative Service Change Model

In 2017 a group of around 40 people began meeting with the aim of creating a model that could be used to for healthcare services when they are thinking about making a change. 

The group was made up of volunteers, people that used services, staff from housing and charitable organisation and staff from the healthcare Trust. It was facilitated by Mark Doughty and Tricia Boyle from the Kings’ Fund.

The group worked over six months to produce the model and in doing so learnt a lot about tools and models that help keep a group collaborative.

Click on the model[pdf] 561KB to see the checklist that accompanies each of the steps, and feel free to use it if you’re planning a change.

The model clearly outlines a process that can be taken if you’re thinking of working collaboratively, but it doesn’t really tell you ‘how’ to work together.  Keeping a Collaborative Partnership functioning can be the real challenge. 

We’ve found this 15min film which has really helped us in the way we think about collaboration.  It’s based around the work of Siv Vangen and Chris Huxam and illustrates how complex working in this way can be and how just getting everybody in the same room isn’t the only thing you need to do to work collaboratively.

We would really recommend viewing this film, it’s packed with content and bears repeated viewing.