The Nottinghamshire Veterans' Service

Leaving the armed forces can present unique challenges. These can range from practical problems such as finding housing and employment or managing finances, to dealing with a variety of emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress. If unaddressed these issues can lead to long-term health and mental health problems.

The Veterans' and Families' Partnership is about organisations working together to support veterans and their families. The service is for those who have served in HM Armed Forces, Merchant Navy (including National Servicemen, Regulars or Reserves).

The service provides assessment of mental health and social care needs, treatment and support options for veterans with service related conditions and their families. We do this working in partnership with a wide range of other armed forces charitable organisations, the public sector and the Ministry of Defence.

Veterans can attend for individual sessions and group sessions with other veterans. An experienced therapist, who also has a service background, facilitates the group.

Find out more about our service by reading our information leaflet.


The Veterans' and Families' Partnership

Listed below are some of the agencies that constitute the Veterans' and Familes' Partnership:




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