Young People's Mental Health Week, 7-13 February 2022

Welcome to Children and Young People's Mental Health Week! This year’s theme is Express Yourself. We want to encourage you to explore the different ways that you can express yourself, and the creative ways that you can share your feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Supporting children and young people to be mentally healthy has never been more important. It’s been a difficult time for many young people and while some may have enjoyed being off school, others will have really struggled being apart from their friends and family. That’s why it’s important to look at creative ways to help you to open up about what you’re feeling.We have lots of ideas on this page of different ways young people express themselves and how to seek support. How do you express yourself? And why not give something new a try?

During the week, our teams who work with children, young people and their families have a full programme of events planned, including videos of children and young people sharing their experiences, virtual wellbeing and support group, Healthy Families Team Advice Line and starting with Monday’s Dress to Express yourself day.

We also have a virtual meet the executive’s session, where young people will come and have their say to those who can make a difference in the organisation. Here, one of the young people involved explains why this is important:

‘Being able to express my views and concerns is always good but I’ve not always been listened to. With these opportunities I’ve felt valued and appreciated with my comments making a difference. My own experience has not always been positive, so I love being able to make a difference so that other people have better opportunities than I did. Now, I’ve been working with Nottinghamshire and CAMHS for a while and I know that we’ve made positive change. While there may still be work to do, I am thankful that people are constantly moving in the right direction’.

Of course, ways in which you express yourself shouldn’t be limited to one week. The ideas on this page can be used throughout the year, or why not add your own? And be sure to tag us in the socials:

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