Occupational therapy

We employ around 279 qualified occupational therapists, as well as two consultant occupational therapists and a large network of support staff. We highly value the occupational therapy role.

The diversity of our services gives you the chance to work in a wide range of settings. You could be based in a high secure setting at Rampton Hospital, or working alongside the fire service with service users who have physical or mental health needs.

Our occupation therapists work in a number of service areas, including:

  • secure services
  • intellectual disability
  • mental health
  • substance misuse
  • children and young people’s services
  • community physical health
  • falls prevention

We work with a variety of ages from children up to older adults, with a range of physical and mental health needs.

Our occupational therapists are committed to working in partnership with our service users, to enable them to have control of their lives and achieve their hopes and ambitions.

There is a network of support for occupational therapists and opportunities to work as a permanent member of staff, on a fixed term contract or on our bank. We also support people to return to practice. We have good links with the Universities of Sheffield and Derby and regularly have students on placements.

The Trust regularly presents at the College of Occupational Therapy and other conferences and is involved in a number of research studies.

Our occupational therapists work to a variety of clinical models, however all occupational therapists work to our Recovery Strategy.

Working together to improve lives

We have made the film below to showcase our partnership working with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. This is just one of the innovative projects you could be involved in as an occupational therapist at Nottinghamshire Healthcare.


Siobhan showing someone some information Working at Nottinghamshire Healthcare - Siobhan's story

"I started working for Nottinghamshire Healthcare in February 2016, after obtaining my degree from the University of Derby in 2015.

"I was first attracted to the Trust after speaking with staff at a careers event in Derby. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and passion for their profession. This experience, alongside my interest in mental health, encouraged me to apply for a role within the Trust.

"I am currently working as an Occupational Therapist on a rotational basis in Mental Health Services for Older People. Following this, I will transition into Adult Mental Health Services and then into Forensic Services. This is a unique opportunity as it is the only role of this kind in the East Midlands.

"The Trust has offered me countless opportunities to grow, both professionally and emotionally, through exposure to new and interesting situations, all whilst being supported by a diverse and inclusive team.

"The Trust is committed to my professional development, serious about job satisfaction and conscious of my welfare. This attention to detail and focus on staff undoubtedly benefits patients, and makes the Trust both a pleasant place to work and for patients to receive treatment.

"I would highly recommend the Trust to any individual looking for a new role that is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure."