October 2015

Council of Governors meeting papers for October 2015 held at Highbury Hospital


1. Welcome, introductions and health and safety

1.1 Apologies for absence

1.2 Declarations of interest

2.  Minutes from previous meeting - 21 July 2015 206KB

2.1  Action points - July 2015 51KB

3.  CEO strategic scan 126KB

4. Governor questions about the scan  Finance Report 398KB and Quality and Performance Report 1MB

5.  Lead Governor Report 118KB

6. Working Group updates/issues arising

7.  University NED nomination 75KB

7.1  NED process 94KB

8. Adult Mental Health Services transformation  AMH transformation paper 1 185KB and  AMH transformation paper 2 120KB

9. Any other urgent business notified in advance of the meeting

10. Issues to be placed with Working Groups and items for next meeting of Council of Governors

11. Review of the meeting

12. Close of business