Perinatal mental illness

A 'perinatal' mental health illness is one that you experience any time from becoming pregnant up to a year after you give birth. This may be new mental health problem, or an episode of a problem you've experienced in the past.

Our team offer specialist perinatal mental health assessments, which focuses on both the needs of mother, baby and family. This will include discussion around options of treatment for women suffering mental illness such as depression, anxiety, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar affective disorder and post-partum psychosis.

We can also help women with a history of mental illness who are planning a pregnancy about how they can be supported during this time.

Care is provided across Nottinghamshire to women in or local to their own homes wherever possible, enabling them to maintain their roles as mothers while their mental illness is safely treated.

When required, we also have a dedicated mother and baby inpatient unit at Hopewood, in Nottingham City , which offers 24-hour specialist support.


Our Service recently featured in the 1st episode of the Channel 4 documentary losing it.


Laura & Briena

Laura and BrienaAs attitudes to mental health change during a surge in the number of people asking for help or harming themselves, this series joins the frontline care services in our Healthcare Trust.

Two weeks after becoming a mum, Laura is sectioned having tried to drive into a brick wall. And is 11-year-old Briena really suicidal, or is the underlying diagnosis more complicated?

Catch up on this episode on Channel 4.



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