Other ideas

noticeboard The following page includes a couple of other ideas you might want to use to support people’s understanding of peer support. They’re also a great way of encouraging engagement with your colleagues and the people that use your services.

If you have any other ideas that might be useful, and we could include them in this booklet, please contact the Peer Support Development Team.

You could take advantage of an empty notice board to advertise Peer Support, you might want to include some motivational quotes too. Why not ask the people that you work with, and those who use your services, to support you? It’s often the case that people have their own ideas and motivational quotes they want to share.

You could write your own experiences of recovery and share it on your Peer Support notice board. If you’re struggling to engage with colleagues, and people using your services, they might approach you after reading what you’ve been through and why you’re doing what you do.   



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