Public Governors - Nottingham City

Jenny Britten Jenny Britten - Lead Governor

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About me:

I was a practice manager with a background in psychology. I have a longstanding interest in mental health issues prompted by a family member's need and have a particular interest in removing stigma and rehabilitation. I was a governor before Foundation Trust status was achieved when I was able to learn and understand the role of Governor and something about Nottinghamshire Healthcare. At that time I chaired a communications working group aimed at improving communications between members and the Trust. I was also on the Governor group that helped shape and develop the Members' Council.

I can bring this experience, honesty, objectivity and some understanding of business to the role and hope that as a public Governor and part of the Council I can help promote the best possible service for patients, represent the members while understanding and scrutinising the Trust's operation.

Lorna Marshall Lorna Marshall

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About me:

I have been a member of the trust for 10 years.  My background is in both the NHS and the private sector where I worked as a R.G.N and also Nursing Home Manager

I have been a carer for my son for the past 18 years, Wayne has an enduring Mental Health illness. I have also been a service user myself. I feel I have a wide experience within the trust and hope to use this in my role as a Governor. I also hope to be more involved in the volunteering department.


Rebecca Cassidy Rebecca Cassidy

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About me:

I am a youth worker with experience of working with young people aged 11 to 25 across Nottingham City in the voluntary sector. I have a history of giving back to the local community through volunteering, organising and running events as well as consulting with young people around their needs.

I have ran awareness workshops around mental and physical health to challenge stigma and discrimination. I am also a Mind e-campaigner and on the Time to Change young people’s virtual panel committee.

I have a passion for empowering individuals to achieve goals they thought were not possible due to the obstacles they face whether this be a learning difference or a mental health condition.

I will bring my lived experience of mental health, knowledge of local voluntary and statutory youth services, holding the Trust to account and place the views of the constituents at the fore of all governor decisions.  


Jean-Rene Agbodjan Jean-Rene Agbodjan

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About me:

I am a teacher by initial profession, a theologian and minister by call and a writer by duty to the generations.

I am keen of human beings wellness (a WRAP facilitator since 2009), wellbeing and happiness. My motto is Human Beings Rather and this  also is the title of my book published in 2011.

Caring for Human Beings is my main concern and priority and this is what I have being doing through education, training and communications for decades now. And these are the skills and know how I will bring with me to the Governor position in order to be always part of the solution.


We currently have two Governor vacancies in the Nottingham City constituency.