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Steve How

Steve How

Declaration of interest:

  • Director of Exarca Health Ltd
  • Business Development Director for Wilmington Healthcare

About me:

I have been an active Governor Member of Nottinghamshire Healthcare since 2010. I was a member of the Governor Steering Group, and have taken an active interest in developing ways in engaging with the public and membership across the health region, through GP practices.

I have also been involved in developing assurance training for the Governors in the Trust, particularly focusing on key responsibilities designated by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, and how we manage this across the diverse functions that Nottinghamshire Healthcare provides.

As a member of the public I have been a patient and carer under services within the Trust. I have previously been a member of a Council of Governors in South Staffordshire and Shropshire Foundation Trust (2008-10). I was Chair of the strategy group and involved with the remunerations committee.

I work in allied health professions as a partnership consultant, developing integrated services across the country and have a strong understanding of healthcare provision and the NHS environment. I am involved in training and development of governance and ethics for the pharmaceutical industry.

But above all I am a parent and grandparent, who wants the best for my family who all live in Nottinghamshire.


photograph of Mike Holmes public governor for nottinghamshire healthcare

Mike Holmes

Declaration of interest - no interest declared.

About me:

My interest in mental health was awakened by my experience of caring for a family member with a mental health condition. This was the experience which led to the beginning of my association and work with the Trust, nearly two years ago.

Although my loved one has been fortunate enough to make a full recovery, I am only too aware that for many millions of people in this country, poor and vulnerable mental health continues to be a source of great hardship. This is the driving force behind my continuing participation in the voluntary work of the Trust.

My particular interests within the field are ensuring that the rights of carers are respected, that they are fully acknowledged and supported in their roles, and that their own emotional wellbeing is safeguarded. I am also deeply aware of the particular challenges that young carers face in their duties, as well as the vulnerability of young people to poor mental health in modern society, due to a variety of social, economic and technological pressures.

In my working life, both voluntary and paid, I have become aware of the sheer scale and diversity of the talents and experience of people in the voluntary sector. One of my goals is to help the Trust widen and deepen their involvement with volunteers, comprising of patients, carers and sector partners, in order to build mutually-supportive communities which can help ensure both better outcomes individually, and a greater understanding of mental health in wider society.

photograph of Maxine Robinson public governor for nottinghamshire healthcareMaxine Robinson

Declaration of interest:

  • Founder and Managing Director of Support For Survivors
  • Funding received from the Institute of Mental Health and Nottingham City and County Council

About me:

Born in Nottingham, but have lived in Nottinghamshire for many years, I have a son, my Persian cat, love living and being next to nature.

I was mentored by the previous Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare, Professor Mike Cooke CBE. I was able to explore and tap into further strengths and skills, not realising how powerful self belief, positivity and knowledge really can impact on one’s ability and empowerment when it comes to personal development and leadership. My mentoring gave me the skills to improve on my ability to interact with debates and dialect. The importance of listening as well my approach when it comes to being and having an effective voice, empowered me to speak locally, nationally, internationally, as well as being invited to Westminster to speak on my specialism. Discovering that I can be influential, when it comes to making change within our communities. I was then asked to co-facilitate a piece of work with the Trust’s safeguarding team, have spoken at NHS trust conferences and seminars and now deliver specialist training programmes.

Chair of a charity based in Newark from 2011-2013, I am now founder and Managing Director of my own charity, ‘Support for Survivors’, supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse to reach their potential thus reducing the distress through a wealth of holistic and therapeutic interventions.

I have a track record of working with vulnerable people throughout the East Midlands and was recognised by the Sheriff of Nottingham for my voluntary work, winning the first ever Sheriff of Nottingham Award. I was also invited to Buckingham Palace by HRH Duke of York, 18 individuals specifically chosen who represented the breadth and diversity in direct voluntary delivery to our communities.

As Governor, I am looking forward to representing you to Council, bringing much wealth, drive, enthusiasm and vision, working, as well as helping to shape and secure positivity within Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


Photograph of Derek Brown public governor for nottinghamshire healthcare Derek Brown

Declaration of interest - no interest declared.

About me:

I am a retired Local Government Senior Manager who worked in both Finance and IT departments. I worked in Nottinghamshire Local Authorities for 38 years and was committed to providing local services for local people, with good governance and achieving best value for public monies.

Since retiring, amongst many things, for the last six years I have been a volunteer at the Adolescent Unit at Thorneywood in Nottingham. I am particularly interested in mental health issues that affect young people and the best service provision locally for our young people, their family and friends

I also feel passionately about anti stigma, inclusion and good service provision that values all and is supportive and relevant for all age groups. 

Having worked in a Local Authority environment under tight budgetary control, I am extremely interested in the financial management of the Trust for the best provision for service users. I have always been a great believer that the greatest asset any organisation is the staff team and know through experience that valuing, respecting and listening to the staff team, leads to innovative, safe, caring and responsive services for local people.

On taking up this new position on the Council of Governors, I hope to contribute to the development and progress of Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

I am an active listener who likes to put ideas into action. I am looking forward to meeting and listening to patients, family, friends, carers, staff and the members of Positive I have been elected to represent about their ideas and thoughts regarding the services and the future of the Trust and the people it serves. 


Linda BennettLinda Bennet

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I am a semi-retired registered nurse, brought up and now residing again in Newark, Nottinghamshire. I love God, family, people, animals, the natural world, nursing and trying to keep fit.

I have nursed at hospitals in Derby, Nottingham, Saudi Arabia, and more recently in Newark. Previous careers have spanned microbiology in the brewing industry in Newark, childrens’ social services with Nottinghamshire County Council, planning in the nuclear industry in Derby, co-owner and manageress of Greek taverna Xante, carer for my father after a stroke, and my mother with dementia.

I am painfully aware of the huge task the Trust is faced with, in restoring satisfactory care in our hospitals and communities. Our staff, agencies and volunteers are working incredibly hard within the continual financial restraints.

I am really pleased to have been elected to the Council of Governors. I look forward to keeping abreast of the agenda and developments, and seeking out and representing public concerns.

My personal passions lie with the demise of care provision for the frail, disadvantaged and elderly, and support for our over-worked health professional and care staff.


John FerrisJohn Ferris

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I am a retired academic professor and have been a resident of Nottingham since the 1970s. Since I left school at 15 I have had a wide range of employment which has provided me a range of experiences. I have had a longstanding connection with the Trust when my son was receiving services for serious mental health issues. In addition to this I have been an active member of the charity Rethink and have been Chair of Second Base housing association which formed part of NACRO. I have always been a community activist and I am a practicing Buddhist. With the experiences I have gained over many years as a carer for my son I feel I have much to contribute to how mental health services are provided. I am keen to continue being active within my community and represent issues important to them. My wife recently passed away and I learnt a lot from her as she was an occupational therapist employed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare. The skill and experiences I have gained over my lifetime would be valuable to contribute to this important role. I care passionately about what happens to the NHS especially in the area of mental health. I have campaigned over many years to support my community and I would like the opportunity to continue this as an active and honest Governor.


Susan Kernahan Susan Kernahan

Declarations of Interest - No interest declared

About me:

I am delighted to have been elected as a Governor and thanks to all those who voted for me.

I am passionate about everything that I do and I get my energy, motivation and satisfaction through working with people and teams to achieve improved outcomes for people.

I was born in Nottingham and trained as a Nurse at The City Hospital and QMC. I entered the commercial healthcare sector early in my career and have had the pleasure of working for global market leading companies, where I progressed my career from sales to Managing Director.

I previously worked as a trustee for a health care charity and currently I am a volunteer for Improving Lives, a charity in Nottingham who support individuals that have a wide range of social needs. As a patient member of my local GP practice and through attendance at local QIPP meetings, I feel I am close to the views of service users, which I believe will allow me to represent them effectively in my Governor role. In addition to my voluntary roles I work as a self-employed health care consultant. In all my roles, both commercial and voluntary, I have supported individuals with many issues and challenges relating to body image, mental health, addiction, domestic violence and loneliness.

I am proud of our NHS and take my role as a Governor very seriously. I will execute my duties through working with the team of other Governors, Non-Executive and Executive Directors of the trust, to provide the best possible care and support to the citizens of Nottinghamshire.

Last but of foremost importance to me, I aim to live life to the full with my wonderful husband Charles, our families and friends and Stanley our Kerry Blue Terrier.


Tad Jones Tad Jones

Declarations of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

I was born in Nottingham and live in Redhill. I went to local schools before going to Liverpool to study pharmacology, St Andrews for a biochemistry PhD, and then returning for a MA in international relations at Nottingham Trent. I have worked in the NHS since 2009, first at the City Hospital and QMC, and currently work for the Health Research Authority in Nottingham. 

As a Governor I want to make sure every person involved with the Trust is treated with dignity, compassion and respect. Everyone has a right to be heard and I will listen to these voices to guide me. 


Teresita Martin-Browning Teresita Martin-Browning

Declarations of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

I am Teresita Martin-Browning, originally from Manila, Philippines. I came to the UK in 1974 to commence nurse training at Saxondale Hospital. I have worked in adult mental health, on wards and in the community and in forensic units. I have worked as Enrolled Nurse, Staff Nurse, Deputy Ward manager, Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) and Clinical Team Leader.

When I was involved in Practice Development research, I was passionate about valuing the opinion and experiences of service users, carers and staff. As a Governor I will maintain that passion.

The last project I took part in before I retired was “Releasing Time to Care” which set out to identify efficiencies in practical tasks that would enable staff to focus more on therapeutic time spent with service users. My specific project in that initiative was to devise a new method for safe and efficient administration of medication. What could be more important than having valuable therapeutic time.

As an ambassador for the trust I will maintain my positivity, openness and honesty to support the vision and the objectives of the trust. I will however challenge and decision-making that I don’t think will benefit the public.