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George RossGeorge Ross

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About me:

I am a previous employee of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust; leaving in 2014 after 13 years at Rampton Hospital. Before this, I worked in many different hospitals and trusts and have great deal of experience in understanding the problems and concerns of patients, carers and staff.

I believe the NHS to be a great institution which can deliver exceptional care. However, the pressures on it are significant. And these are unlikely to lessen in the near future.

I hope my input as a governor of the trust can help foster a culture of openness and transparency through meaningful communication among patients, their carers, staff and the community.


Gbenga Shadare Gbenga 'Gbemiga' Shadare

Declaration of Interest:

  • Director of Africa@UK Limited and African Research Alliance
  • Director 3AAG Limited

About me:

Since 2010, I have been an active member of the Nottinghamshire NHS. I graduated from the University of Nottingham (Masters) and am currently completing my doctorate degree at the University of Sheffield. My research interest includes public policy, social policy, political sociology, social work in developing contexts and the evolution of the welfare state. I am fully in support of keeping the NHS core principles and values as they are, but with significant investments that will produce innovations and improvements in critical areas.

 I am extremely passionate about service excellence and innovation and this will drive me during my tenure as Governor. I hope to bring this special interest and other expertise to the Board, in the hope that it would allow me engage with others in exploring ways we can collectively improve on service user engagements and service delivery across all levels at the Trust. I hope to actively engage with the public and membership across the health region whilst I am on the board. 

With my previous executive management and leadership experience in areas as diverse as finance, banking, asset management, risk management, security printing and management consulting, I am hoping to bring these skills to bear in my role as a Governor working with other colleagues to ensure that our NHS Governance is anchored on service excellence principles of transparency, quality service and commitment to optimising resources. I am currently an international development practitioner working in developing regions to help improve public health, social and educational outcomes within disadvantaged communities. 

I am a father and have a very fulfilled relationship with my partner.