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Volunteering to help recovery

At our blog co-production meeting this week, our volunteer and blogger John tells us about how volunteering has helped him in his recovery, and how it can be beneficial in many ways. If you have any further suggestions on what might be helpful from a supporter please contact us via the details at the end of this post.

Summer Term Graduation

In our blog co-production group, we spoke about graduation – the celebration of three terms at the college of the achievements made by each student on their recovery journey. Matt, one of our bloggers, went along to the summer graduation on Wednesday 31 July and in this blog explains the planning of the day and his experience at the graduation as an ex-student of the college.

“It’s important to acknowledge our feelings but to also remember that that is all they are.”

In our blog co-production group, we are keen to showcase as many different voices as possible from people who make the Nottingham Recovery College what it is. So we sat down for a chat with Ravelle-Sadé, a former student at the college. We asked about her experience at the college – this conversation is in part 1 of this blog post. However, some of you may know Ravelle-Sadé from her poetry which she performed at a Graduation Day last year, so we were also keen to find out more about how her poetry has helped her in her recovery journey.