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Ta-Ra to Tar!

We are now smokefree on all Nottinghamshire NHS sites! And yes, this includes the Recovery College.

There are huge benefits for our staff, students and visitors and the Trust Board is strongly committed to being smokefree.

However, we realise that quitting smoking is not as easy as it seems and we’re here to help!

Ta-Ra to Tar is our newest co-produced course and it aims to support our students who wish to stop smoking and give you the knowledge of how to quit for good. The course will cover the benefits of quitting, the health risks involved with smoking, the theory behind nicotine addiction, exploring nicotine replacements and much more. Join our course, and be part of a group to support one another through saying Ta-Ra to Tar!

Here are five ideas to get started in stopping smoking…

1.Think positive!

Perhaps you have tried to quit smoking before and not managed it, but don’t let that you stop from giving it another try. Reflect on your previous experience and what it has taught you.  Think about how you're really going to do it this time.

2.Recognise when you crave cigarettes - A craving can last five minutes. Before you give up, make a list of five-minute strategies. For example, you could leave the group for a minute, have a cup of coffee, or go for a walk.

Tell people you are quitting. Some smokers feel the support of family and friends will benefit them and they feel comfortable about the type of support they will receive. If that's the case, use that support!

4.Make a list

Keep reminding yourself why you are giving up. Make a list of the reasons why you are quitting and read it when you need some extra encouragement.

5.Get some stop smoking support

Join our course! Pop into the office at the Recovery College and book your place, or call us on 0115 9560827.

For further support in quitting smoking, check out the NHS Stoptober website for more resources such as an app and a daily email for encouragement.

If you have any suggestions for stopping smoking, please share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.

Good luck!


  1. debbie fox says:

    a really intersting blog and some useful information thanks

    Added on 17 Oct 2016 at 10:31 AM

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