Residential Intermediate Care - Retford Hospital

Rapid response/Residential Intermediate Care - Bassetlaw

We are a team of therapists, nurses, assistant practitioners and community rehabilitation assistants.


Rapid Response Urgent Care

We provide care for patients in their own home when they are unwell due to having an infection or perhaps a fall. We offer support and a full assessment in the patient's home.

We can provide equipment if needed or home support to enable them to stay in their own home. We can then provide rehabilitation at home to aid recovery. We work closely with our partners including GPs and social care. We can refer onto relevant services.


Accessing our services

Contact Single Point of Referral (SPOR) on 01777 274 422.

Service opening hours

8am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm at weekends and on bank holidays

Residential Intermediate Care

Working with our partners in Adult Social Care we provide rehabilitation and social care in residential care homes for people over 65 years of age in Bassetlaw.

Patients are usually referred from the Acute Hospital Trust following a hospital admission if a period of rehabilitation is deemed necessary.

Patient are assessed by a therapist and are prescribed an exercise programme.

Whilst patients are in the care home, plans are made for a safe discharge home this may involve equipment provision and on-going care support.

Contact Single Point of Referral (SPOR)
Tel: 01777 274 422

Help in a crisis

Contact Single Point of Referral (SPOR)
Tel: 01777 274 422

Information for health professionals

How to refer someone to this service

Contact Single Point of Referral (SPOR)
Tel: 01777 274 422


Lead clinician

Patricia Farrow, Interim Head of Service


Service commissioned by

Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group



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