Sign up to Safety

Sign up to Safety campaign logo The Patient Safety Collaborative is a programme to improve the safety of patients and ensure continual patient safety learning sits at the heart of healthcare in England. The programme was officially launched in Autumn 2014. The five ‘Sign Up to Safety' pledges are:

1. Put safety first – committing to reducing avoidable harm within the Trust and making public the goals and plans developed locally

2. Continually learn – make our organisation more resilient to risks by acting on feedback from patients

3. Honesty – be transparent with people about our progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong

4. Collaborate – take a leading role in supporting collaborative learning

5. Support – helping people to understand why things go wrong and celebrate improvement

All NHS Trusts have been invited to set out what they will do to strengthen patient safety within their organisations. In support of this, Nottinghamshire Healthcare has pledged to support the ‘Sign Up to Safety' campaign and is committed to reduce avoidable harm within the Trust over the next 3 years by listening, learning and acting when things go wrong. In signing up, we have committed to strengthening our patient safety by making initial pledges against each domain which were received the support of the Board at their meeting on 30 October 2014 and they have since been submitted for publication on the ‘Sign up to Safety' website as a public expression of our commitment to safety.

The board agreed in February 2015 that the creation of the safety improvement plan and the delivery of the first year implementation would be a strategic priority project for 15/16 led by Dr Julie Hankin as Executive Medical Director. The six key areas for work were confirmed as:

Restrictive practices

Suicide and self-harm

Assaults and violence

Medication errors

Pressure Ulcers


The cross-divisional clinical working groups for each area have developed ambitions for each of the 6 safety priorities, which are:

1. No medication safety incidents causing severe harm or death and a 50% reduction in overall severity of harm by 2018

2. No assaults causing severe harm or death and a 50% reduction in overall severity of harm by 2018

3. No falls causing severe harm or death and a 50% reduction in overall severity of harm by 2018

4. No acquired, avoidable stage 3 & 4 pressure ulcers and a 50% reduction in the number of acquired avoidable stage 1 & 2 (year on year)

5. 50% reduction in the use of restriction by 2018 6. No incidents of suicide (or suspected suicide) among people with recent clinical contact and a 50% reduction in overall severity of self-harm incidents by 2018.

Safety Improvement Plans for each of the six safety priorities has also been developed. These safety plans identify more specific goals for the first year and where these have been identified, goals for years two and three. The plans also include actions required to achieve the goals and how progress towards achieving these will be measured. 

For more information please visit the Sign up to Safety web site.

The Trust's Sign up to Safety action plan can be found here.

Sign up to Safety - Action Plan