Staff Governors

Steven KerrySteven Kerry

Constituency - Nursing

Declarations of Interest - No interest declared

About me:

I have worked at Millbrook Hospital for well over ten years.

I started my mental health career as a staff nurse on the acute wards working on open wards and the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) environment.

I made the decision to move into the community setting after a few years and went to work for the crisis and home treatment team.

I have worked there for the past 8 years. Over this time I have gone from new recruit to team leader. I felt however that the role of team leader took me away from patient contact, which is my true passion, and so I turned down the permanent role and instead trained as a non-medical prescriber.

Becoming a Trust Governor I will be able to voice the views of service users and staff to a wider audience.

In these changing and uncertain political times for the NHS it remains of paramount importance that we remain focused on what we all trained to do, and that is to make the lives of our clients more comfortable. It is with this belief firmly in mind that I wanted to become a staff governor.


Mike MarriottDr Mike Marriott

Constituency - Allied Health Professionals

Declarations of interest:

  • Parent Governor for William Lilley Infant School, Stapleford
  • Academic Staff at Nottingham Trent University, which is seeking to develop arrangements related to training and research with the Trust
  • I oversee a programme of Clinical Research in the Trust, but hold no financial power in this regard  

About me:

I am a clinical psychologist, and have worked with the Trust since first qualifying in 2007. Since that time, I have worked for various parts of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), most recently having helped to set up the new Eating Disorder Team. I now work primarily for Nottingham Trent University lecturing in the Department of Psychology, but maintain a clinical role in the Eating Disorder Team. I am passionate about the importance of supporting people at their times of most significant need, and I believe that the Trust is a wonderful vehicle for this to be done well; equally, I am passionate about the importance of our staff feeling competent, safe, and able to exercise their professional skills in meeting the varied needs of the community we serve.


Stuart Leask Dr Stuart Leask

Constituency - Medical

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I have been a consultant psychiatrist for the Trust, as well as a clinical senior lecturer at Nottingham University researching and teaching in psychiatry, since 2004.

I hope to keep my fellow medics up to date with Council business, bring concerns to the Board on their behalf, as well as support the work of the Council in providing second tier scrutiny and assurance of Trust activities.

My work for the Royal College of Psychiatrists supports ongoing education for senior clinicians from many professions working in mental health, nationally and internationally. I believe we all have a lot more to learn.


David McCallin staff governor clinical supportDavid McCallin

Constituency - Clinical Support

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I have worked in the care industry for over 15 years and during this time I have held positions ranging from assistant manager of an asperger/autism and brain injury unit which I was made redundant from, to my current role as HCA in a secure unit. I have an older sister who is disabled and has a learning difficulty. I am also a very happily married family man, family is very important to me. It was my sister that inspired me to work in this industry. I believe it is important to always provide a voice, to advocate on behalf of others who may need help. I also feel passionately about valuing people, team members, and colleagues who may sometimes not have a platform for what they have to say. Everyone should have some chance of a voice. Becoming a Governor has provided me with this chance to advocate on behalf of others, to provide people with a voice.


Corrine HendyCorrine Hendy

Constituency - Clinical Support

Declaration of interest:

  • Co-Chair Open Dialogue Nottingham community group service user/carers group 
  • Co-applicant on NIHR programme grant for five year RCT in NHS 

About me:

I have been employed as a peer support worker for six years, working in inpatient and community teams. In 2011 I developed an interest in Open Dialogue, a family therapy based approach which has achieved remarkable outcomes for people in distress. I co-founded a group with a vision to explore how we could implement this locally. In partnership with the Trust we have held five conferences led by international leaders free of charge for over 480 members of the public and staff. As an associate lecturer at the University of Nottingham I teach nursing students dialogical ways of working. I believe passionately in a system that promotes and actively seeks the voice of staff and people who use services to collectively build upon what has been achieved so far. I have listened to staff comments and opinions over the years and I know the dedication and commitment my colleagues and peers have to deliver high quality care to the people and families we support. I feel very honoured to be considered for the position of staff Governor and represent my colleagues over the next two years. I bring a wide breadth of experience and common sense approach to issues faced by staff and the organisation. In the past I have worked for HMRC on a national project to support staff wellbeing on behalf of the chair recognising and celebrating achievements


Tony Bradstock Tony Bradstock

Constituency - Non-Clinical Support

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I started working for the Trust in 2009 at Bassetlaw Hospital, before moving to my current position of an associate lecturer in the Education Team at Rampton Hospital.

I have been working within mental health services for 20 years. Initially in homelessness; working in drop-in centres, hostels, with rough sleepers and managing an outreach and resettlement project.

In becoming a Governor Member I will ensure that the views of the Trust's service users, carers and staff contribute to the Trust's future direction, growth and development. I will to do this by visiting areas, meeting teams and responding to and feeding back on issues raised.

I have particular interests around increasing the educational opportunities for our service users and also want to promote the excellent developmental opportunities available for staff.

As a Governor Member, I believe I can offer a representative perspective on developing and enhancing services in line with the Trust's priorities and services user needs.