MS Teams Support (Digital Workplace)

MS Teams is the chat-based workspace that makes it easy to have online conversations and host meetings with teams and other colleagues across the Trust.

MS Teams Lite will have three features to help you to work more effectively remotely:

  • Chat (a real-time messaging service)
  • Phone calling (conference calls)
  • Video conferencing

As the Digitial Workplace project continues, more features will become available. This will include users being able to set up 'Teams', a way for a group of colleague to work on the same project and collection of documents. You will be notified when these features are available.

We are building a champions network to provide peer support and over the coming days there will be more information about champions, their role and how you can find your local champion.

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The accelerated roll out of MS Teams across the Trust has come as a direct result of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) national pandemic. As such it has not been possible to provide the more usual considered support and training materials to all staff. To help and support you as you become familiar with the new software, we have provided help guides below and created a helpdesk specifically for MS Teams support queries. This is all part of the Trusts wider Digital Workplace project.

Please note, IT Service Desk is not supporting MS Teams technical support or usability calls. You will be directed back to this page to find a solution to your problem. If you are unable to find the help you need from the guides below, you can log a ticket using the form at the bottom of this page and one of our support team will contact you directly.

Teams Lite FAQs

What is Microsoft Teams Lite?

Teams Lite allows you to communicate through messaging, calls and video calls. You can add people to your conversations to create group chats and group voice/video calls.


Can I still use Microsoft Teams/Teams Lite if I can't connect to the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect)?

Yes you can. As long as you have an internet connection you can still use Teams to communicate with colleagues and/or patients.

BUT you won't be able to access Outlook or documents on H: drive for example.


How do I create a meeting request for Teams?

When creating a meeting request in Microsoft Outlook, you can click on the new 'Teams Meeting' icon. This will create a meeting request with the option for the invitees to join the Teams meeting.


Can I still join a Teams meeting from an Outlook invitation if Outlook is offline?

Yes you can. If Outlook is offline, you can still open the meeting invite and click on the link 'Join Teams Meeting'. This will open up Teams and ask you to join the meeting. As long as you have an internet connection you can continue to use Teams.


Can I still make one-to-one calls?

You can make direct calls and group calls without having to host a meeting. These are private and won’t appear in any team conversation. These are started in the 'Calls' tab within Teams. 


How do I know if someone is online?

You can see the availability of the recipient underneath their name or by the colour of the availability displayed next to their initials. For example, Green is Available, Red is unavailable, Amber will show if they have been away from the their laptop/computer for some time. If there is an X in the circle it means that the person is offline.


Whilst working from home, can I blur out my background to maintain the privacy of my own home?

Yes you can. Once you are on a call, there will be a panel that appears. There will be the option to turn off your camera, your microphone and to blur your background if you prefer to keep your camera on. If you have been invited to a meeting, the options will be available before you join the meeting.



Name Size/Type Date
1. MS TEAMS - Quick Start Guide.pdf 102KB PDF 23 Mar 2020
Answer a call in Teams.pdf 70KB PDF 23 Mar 2020
Create a Call with Colleagues.pdf 274KB PDF 24 Mar 2020
Share your screen in a chat in Teams.pdf 47KB PDF 19 Mar 2020
Six Things To Know About Notifications.pdf 172KB PDF 19 Mar 2020
Start a call from a chat in Teams.pdf 90KB PDF 19 Mar 2020
Start a chat in Teams.pdf 168KB PDF 19 Mar 2020
Team Owner Member and Guest Capabilities in Teams.pdf 45KB PDF 23 Mar 2020
Use @mentions to get smeone's attention in Teams.pdf 141KB PDF 23 Mar 2020
What is Microsoft Teams.pdf 471KB PDF 23 Mar 2020

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