The Collaborative Service Change Network

We set up the Collaborative Service Change Network as a space to meet and talk through collaboration. The research and thinking behind it, the barriers to working in this way and as an opportunity to share our learning.

The meetings are every three months and are attended by service users, carers, volunteers Notts Healthcare staff as well as other 3rd sector and councils -  basically anybody that is interested in collaboration.

If you would like to join the network please email

Documents from the network that may be useful:

  • Notes from meetings

Collaborative Service Change Knowledge Capture 15.5.19.docx [docx] 688KB

Collaborative Service Change Network Knowledge Capture - 27.2.19.docx [docx] 1MB

Collaborative Service Change Network Knowledge Capture - 7.11.18.docx [docx] 382KB

  • Slides from meetings

Collaborative Network Slides 15.5.19.pptx [pptx] 2MB

Collaborative Network Slides 27.2.19.pptx [pptx] 3MB

Collaborative Netowrk Slides 6.11.18.pptx [pptx] 6MB

  • Films we have viewed that you may find interesting:

Collaborative Advantage & Inertia

TED Talk on Listening

Appreciative Inquiry