Nottingham Recovery College

People outside the Nottingham Recovery College The Nottingham Recovery College  provides a range of courses to help you to develop your skills and understanding, identify your goals and ambitions and give you the confidence and support to make the most of any opportunities.

The college brings together two sets of expertise – professional and experience. This non-stigmatising college environment has the same systems as other educational establishments. All of the courses are designed to contribute towards wellbeing and recovery. People who share experiences of mental or physical health challenges teach on the courses and aim to inspire hope and embody the principles of recovery.

The courses are open to adults who:

  • have personal experience of mental health challenges
  • care about people with mental health challenges
  • are a member of staff in mental health services

Caring with Confidence

Caring with Confidence is a series of free workshops for City carers, run by the Carers Federation. The course aims to provide carers with up to date relevant information and support carers to learn new skills and improve existing knowledge to make life a little easier.

To find out more or to book a place on an upcoming workshop in your area, please visit the Carers Federation website or call Carla on 0115 9629 369.

Best Practice Learning Programme by DSDC (The Dementia Centre)

nhs staff talking to member of public at eventImproving the care that older people receive is a national priority, and the best practice  courses from DSDC have been designed to equip care staff with the understanding, skills and confidence to improve the experience and outcomes of care and support for people with dementia and their families.

Key partners, including employers in the NHS, local authorities, community groups and the private, voluntary and independent sectors, have been involved in development of this course content, and their feedback continues to help shape the training. For further information please visit the DSDC website.



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