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Lead Pharmacist - Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration

We are looking for a pharmacist with significant experience of hospital pharmacy; and the right knowledge and skills to support the development and implementation of Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) in the Trust. This exciting role is integral in realising the benefits of EPMA for patients and clinical staff working in the Trust's services. 

The post-holder will work closely with the Chief Pharmacist, Medicines Safety Officer and Lead Pharmacist for Health Informatics to lead the implementation of EPMA. You will be supported by the multidisciplinary EPMA Project Group and a dedicated, permanent IT-based EPMA lead, as well as a team of training and implementation staff.

The post-holder will develop to become the lead and system manager for the Trust's preferred EPMA system which is in the late stages of procurement.   You will become Chair of the Trust EPMA subgroup of the Trust Medicines Optimisation Group, where clinical reference, governance and decision making will take place.


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