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The pandemic has been the most challenging event for the NHS, and staff at every level have gone above and beyond to respond to COVID-19 in remarkable ways. Our Wall of Thanks is a token of our appreciation to not only our staff, but also our volunteers and carers whose continued work and dedication to care for loved ones should be recognised.

We also want to thank our patients and service users who have play their part in ensuring our services continue to be safe by adhering to restrictions put upon us all during these challenging times.

Rosemary Miller, Technical Instructor, MSK Physiotherapy Team

Rosemary Miller who is a Technical instructor in my MSK Physiotherapy team has worked for the NHS for (I think) 40+ years.

Over the last year she has overcome some exceptionally difficult and sad personal circumstances, and has still worked her hardest with and for our team to prove herself indispensable.

She was one of the first members of our team to come back in following remote working, she has been crucial in helping us get back to face to face appointments, has kept our Mansfield clinic safe and running by bringing over PPE. She is a wonderful and valuable member of our team and deserves huge recognition for all that she does.

Marie Walsh
Senior MSK Physiotherapist



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